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Preventative backflow is stopping backflow before it happens, this is established by keeping up to date with the testing and maintenance of all backflow valves in service on your premises. 

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We provide everything you need to keep your valves in good working order.

  • Annual Testing

  • Maintenance and Servicing

  • Replacement

  • Submission of test reports to City

What is Cross Connection?

Cross Connection is an existing connection or a potential connection between any part of a potable water system and any other environment containing other substances in a manner which, under any circumstances, would allow such substance to enter the potable water system. Other substances for example may be, gases, liquids or solids such as chemicals, waste products, steam, water from other sources, potable or non, or any matter which may change the color, add odor or contaminants to the potable water.

What is Backpressure?

Backpressure may cause backflow to occur whenever a potable system is connected to a non-potable supply operating under a higher pressure by means of a pump, boiler etc. There is a high risk the non potable water may be forced into the potable system whenever these interconnections are not properly protected.

What is Backsiphonage?

Back siphonage is backflow caused by negative or reduced pressure in the supply piping, due to unstable supply.

What is Backflow?

Whenever there is a physical connection between a potable water system and a non potable water system and or environment, backflow may occur due to either 'backsiphonage' or 'backpressure'
Questions & Answers

Why do you need your backflow tested every year ?

No.1 reason is,  it’s Mandatory.

If there was a cross connection contamination situation that was traced back to your premises and your valves were faulty and or haven’t been tested in the allocated time frame, you will be held responsible for the situation at hand. These situations can be extremely dangerous to the health of you, your family, and the public.

Testing is simple and easy

Spend the money and short amount of time once a year for PEACE OF MIND to have all your valves tested and up to date.

Cross Connections can give rise to legal liability through three main categories

(i) non-compliance with government legislation (regulatory non-compliance)

(ii) non-compliance with private contractual agreements; or  

(iii) general liability arising from common law

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